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for freedom of the press

With this series, we are honoring the life and work of Marie Colvin, a world-renowned journalist who worked as a foreign affairs correspondent, and who comes from our own hometown of Oyster Bay!

February 22nd, 2022 marks the 10-year anniversary of her tragic assassination by the Syrian Assad regime, when she passed away at 56 years young, cutting short her life saving work. However, she still led an amazing life and helped countless people, and we feel it is imperative to highlight and honor her as an example for all girls worldwide! We also want to give an enormous shout out and thank you to the Marie Colvin Memorial Foundation for their support and for allowing us to take this space to spotlight Marie!

In this day and age, having a space for girls to dream big is sorely needed, just as it is important to highlight role models who stand to break boundaries and pave a brighter path for all of us. Marie was a female role model who exemplified strength, courage, and sheer will and commitment to her values, and as a legendary journalist, inspired all around her to pursue that same freedom and justice she did.

GPI has prepared a video slideshow to pay tribute to Marie, which includes portraits, poetry, calligraphy, and essay dedications by members around the world, from Long Island to as far as Singapore. Thank you to contributors and GPI members Aarjivi Chandra, Tina Chen, Sabrina Guo, Marla Hakim, Nikhita Kapoor, Mako Kobayashi, Azam Lalani, Yeonwoo Lee, SeonJu Lee, Brian Li, Thee Sim Ling, and Alyssa Pinto for their amazing work!
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