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RBG Dedication Series

As a Global Girl’s Empowerment organization, Girl Pride International has always done our utmost to support the advancement of young women the world.

This past Women's History Month, GPI’s coronavirus relief branch, LILAC (which was launched in response to the pandemic) collaborated with Syosset High School to screen a slideshow showcasing Ruth Bader Ginsburg & produced by LILAC members and SHS students Alyssa Pinto and Tina Chen which was displayed at the Syosset High School’s Innovation Lab. In addition to Michelle Obama and her education initiatives, RBG is one of GPI’s founding motivations, and we seek to reflect her legacy and determination as we aim to align our mission with to honor what she fought for.

Today, we are working diligently to provide for socioeconomically disadvantaged girls around the world, where globally many inequalities and prejudices still exist for women and young girls. We are proud of the work we have done and look forward to what is possible in the future!
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