Amidst the current and historic injustices perpetrated against Black Americans, LILAC is proud to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.⁠

It is the job of our generation to continue fighting for equality and justice, so that those who are most vulnerable and discriminated in society have an equal playing field.⁠ 


We must continue to commit daily to engaging with these inequalities and growing our understanding, compassion, and capacity for good, especially during a global pandemic which disproportionately affects Black people and People of Color.⁠

LILAC and its members are dedicated to supporting the Black community in whatever capacity possible. So far, we are privileged to say we are partnering with Kevan Abrahams, a veteran Black-American legislator (who is the Minority Leader of the Nassau County Legislature), and several other Black community, business, cultural, and health care facility leaders to donate over 30,000 PPE, along with many meals and pieces of artwork, to community churches, flea market events, nursing homes, schools, and more. ⁠


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